Why We Wholesale When Building a Better DFW UPREIT | The Peak Group

Investing in real estate is significantly different from investing in stocks and bonds. Anyone can get started in the stock market with just a few dollars to invest: look at the success and popularity of investing apps like Acorns and Robinhood!

Real estate markets, by comparison, have an extreme learning curve and a high cost of failure represented by the upfront costs of a mortgage. For those who are just getting started in real estate investing, inadequate knowledge and experience can lead to costly mistakes. 

Fortunately, when you have the tremendous buying power and experience backing your investments like you do with the Peak Housing REIT, we eliminate the pitfalls investors experience from operating their own rental properties in the DFW area.

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One of the ways we do this is by acquiring real estate investments wholesale to contribute serious value-add to our portfolio of offerings for our DFW UPREIT. This frees our investors from both having to understand the specifics of buying a property through a real estate wholesaler and having to forge the connections able to provide such opportunities.

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

  • Real estate wholesaling is an arrangement where the wholesaler acquires a contract from the seller of the property, looks for potential buyers, and assigns the contract to one of the buyers.
  • To make money, a wholesaler has to look for discount properties or negotiate with sellers to get a good deal. However, there is a short timeframe within which wholesalers have to sell the properties they contract.
  • The wholesaler will then make money based on the seller’s contract price and the buyer’s purchase price. As such, the wholesaler will not own the property at any point during the sale process.

At The Peak Group, we have the resources necessary to maximize the real estate wholesaling exchange to ensure that what we bring to the table within the Peak Housing REIT ultimately contributes to your long-term wealth.

Reasons Why We Handle the Wholesale Experience

We Have Specialized Knowledge and Experience

  • As a vertically-integrated company built to handle real estate transactions and tracts to scale, we have specialized knowledge and experience that most investors may not have—or even have access to on their own.
  • This allows us to secure outperforming real estate opportunities before they ever hit the mainstream real estate market, then bring them up to speed and profitability under our renovation standards.
  • Our experts have extensive knowledge of wholesaling laws as well as experience in the local real estate market, putting us in a great position to handle any matters that may arise during the process.

Essentially, we do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on living the lifestyle you deserve from the returns we provide.

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We Care About Your Bottom Line

Our vertically-integrated approach to property purchasing helps us create better margins that ultimately equal better returns for our investors. We consistently outperform public equity REITs because we buy (and then rent) a better product from the ground up.

Our wealth is invested alongside yours because we believe in our approach to providing you with a better investing experience through a better DFW UPREIT structure. Anyone that directly impacts your long-term wealth should be as committed as you are to the outcome. We understand that the returns we provide through the Peak Housing REIT may be fueling your future retirement plans and current lifestyle—and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our Drive Saves You Time as an Investor

  • The Peak Housing REIT’s wholesale acquisitions are built on finding and choosing the right properties to deliver consistent performance for our investors.
  • Our dedication saves you time, both on the acquisition front and that of management. We do real estate wholesaling to help save investors valuable time while still ensuring they reap the expected rewards.
  • At The Peak Group, we’re also dedicated to transparency. Our reporting ensures you won’t be left wondering about the performance of the investment you’ve made in the Peak Housing REIT.

We Are Built for This

We’ve been developing our company since 2013 to operate off of the benefits of vertical integration, and that extends from the properties we acquire wholesale through to renovations and ultimately to placing paying renters within those properties.

We don’t just have ‘connections’ with various players in the DFW real estate market: we are the players in the DFW real estate market. Our collection of operations under The Peak Group umbrella includes in-house property management, skilled contractors, and rental property acquisition specialists. This approach ensures we’re successful beyond wholesale and that our investment offerings continue to be diverse.

Wholesale investment properties represent an incredible opportunity to slash margins and produce better returns for our DFW UPREIT—but they’re not the only way we add rental homes to the Peak Housing REIT. If you’re ready to learn more, investigate our FAQ page or discover what sets The Peak Group apart through our story. We’re also always available to contact directly if you don’t see the answer to a specific question listed there.