The Beginnings of Excellence

Ryan and Todd Bowers, two brothers from a small town, stumbled onto the transformative power of real estate during Todd’s time as a home inspector. After their first profitable house flip in Oregon, the brothers found that real estate was not only their passion, but a potential vehicle for financial freedom.

Ryan and Todd continued to invest in the Oregon-area real estate market. However, it began to fluctuate wildly, with property values across the board—an early warning signal that fix-and-flip real estate was about to take a dramatic turn.

The two brothers knew that if they wanted to continue to grow, they needed to shift to a stable market. After thorough research and analysis, they determined that the DFW-area provided the best opportunity for continued development, and, at the peak of the housing collapse in 2008, Ryan and his family made their move.

Plans for real estate investing were put on hold until 2012 when the market recovered, and the two brothers could reunite. As the market was making a comeback, they formed their first company—Bowers Homes, LLC—which would later serve as the foundation for what was to come out of the ashes of the Great Recession.

Meet the Visionaries