Single Family Rental Investments, Purpose-Built For You

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Our entire process is built around you, our investor

The Peak Group identifies, develops, and manages commercial-grade properties for you, the principled investor.

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Hear what our clients say

Over 20+ years, we've made a lot of Investors a lot of money.

  • I've been navigating the realms of residential and commercial real estate investing for over 15 years. Throughout this journey, I've partnered with dozens of turnkey operators and property managers. Let me tell you, Peak stands out as the absolute best in the business!

    What I love about Peak is their warm, family-owned approach. They excel in building relationships, and this is clearly reflected in their approach to buying and selling. They're always reachable, super informative, and genuinely focused on creating a fantastic experience for their clients. On the property management side, their professionalism is unmatched. They go the extra mile to ensure your assets are well looked after.

    Honestly, I can't recommend them enough - both as top-notch professionals and as genuinely great folks.

    Stephanie Wankel

We know exactly what your want

This is your property.
We simply do the hard work for you.

We handle:

  • Identifying and developing the community
  • All zoning, permitting, & planning
  • All construction, subcontractors, inspections, etc.
  • Facilitating all financing options & loan origination
  • Listing and marketing the property for rent
  • Interviewing and finding new, qualified residents
  • Collecting rents and managing all payments
  • All resident communications including repairs & maintenance

You handle:

  • 25%+ Down Payment
  • Collect Your Return