Woodland Ridge

Margaret, Alabama
BTR Turn-Key Investment
15 units

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Investment Overview

Woodland Ridge

Woodland Ridge is a group of 15 single-family detached homes in the Margaret/Odenville area, northeast of Birmingham, AL. These homes are part of a 185-lot subdivision that is fully built and consists mostly of owner-occupied homes. The community sits between Interstates 59 and 20 and is 30-40 minutes to both downtown Birmingham and the Honda Assembly Plant.

Project Type
  • C/O Project
  • Selling as soon as April 2024
  • Margaret, Alabama (Birmingham Area)
Market Highlights
  • Strong Job Growth
  • Limited supply of single-family resident homes available
  • Revitalization initiatives
  • Close proximity to vacation locations and outdoor recreation
  • Economic diversification
  • Suburban living with a rural feel
Financial Highlights
  • Single family home prices between $243k - $263k
  • Rents betwen $1,590-$1,800/mo
  • Estimated Cash Flows between $297-$397+/i mo (pending down payment)
  • Fantastic Cap Rate between 6.8-7.15%

Site Plans.

1,400 Sq Ft Plan

Avg. Purchase Price/Unit $243,000

Market Value
Monthly Cashflow
Year 1 Cap Rate

1,721 SQ FT Plan

Avg. Purchase Price/Unit $263,000

Market Value
Monthly Cashflow
Year 1 Cap Rate

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