We’re the Peak Group, and we’re reinventing

the Single Family Rental Space.

Building an Innovative Company

After dreaming up a more efficient way to navigate the Single-Family rental market, brothers Ryan & Todd Bowers set out to create an innovative company built on the principal of impacting lives for the better. Twenty years down the road we are still doing just that and coming up with even more transformative ways to ensure we leave our communities better than we found them.

One Roof. One Team. One Goal



Peak’s Mission

To grow a vertically integrated real estate company that creates a superior living experience for our RESIDENTS looking for high-quality homes, that EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.

Peak’s Core Values


We’re honest, caring, and dependable.


Respectful, transparent, and solution-oriented; Communication is at the heart of everything we do.


We pay attention to details, and we are committed to providing phenomenal service to investors, customers, and one another. We hold ourselves accountable for executing excellence in all things.

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We strive to be welcoming, caring, authentic, diverse, encouraging, and fun! We are committed to seeing team members flourish personally and professionally.


We demonstrate courage, resilience and perseverance towards goals despite obstacles.

Meet Peak’s Founders

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    Ryan Bowers

    President & CEO

    The Peak Group

    Ryan Bowers is President and CEO of The Peak Group. As CEO, he oversees overall fund management including investment analysis, acquisitions, and asset management. Ryan’s experience in real estate as an investor, and as an advisor to other real estate investors, has driven his belief that real estate is the key to building and sustaining long-term wealth. His unique understanding of the investor space brings a fresh perspective to The Peak Group.

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    Todd Bowers


    The Peak Group

    Todd Bowers is Chief Construction Officer of The Peak Group. As CCO, he oversees all fund operations related to construction including acquisition analysis, design, project management, and maintenance of real estate assets. Todd’s experience as an owner and operator of one of Oregon’s largest home inspection franchises brings a wealth of knowledge and the ability to make sound decisions to build and rehab homes that last for The Peak Group.

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