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CIO Joe Ollis and CEO Ryan Bowers stop by to chat with Aaron Bry and Kevin Vanderboss about Peak, the Single-Family Rental space, and what that looks like for investors in 2023!

Executive Appearances

WCI Real Estate Investment Opportunity Series

CIO Joe Ollis discusses how to make a passive investment in real estate through The Peak Housing REIT

Talk Your Book: Investing in Single-Family Rentals

CIO Joe Ollis discuss the single-family rental market and the Peak Housing REIT with Michael and Ben of Animal Spirits.

WCICON: Why Investors Consider Single-Family Rentals

Ryan Bowers talks about the benefits of investing in a private REIT rather than being a landlord.

White Coat Investor FB Live: The Peak Housing REIT

Ryan Bowers and Joe Ollis talk with Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor about The Peak Housing REIT.

QCast Presented by Rotella RIA: Real Estate as an Alt Investment

CIO Joe Ollis discusses Single-Family Rentals as the newest investment alternative.

Digital Marketing Insights for Real Estate Syndicators

CIO Joe Ollis discusses the REIT Process with Dr. Adam Gower

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