Executive Appearances

WCI Real Estate Investment Opportunity Series

CIO Joe Ollis discusses how to make a passive investment in real estate through The Peak Housing REIT

Talk Your Book: Investing in SFR

CIO Joe Ollis discuss the single-family rental market and the Peak Housing REIT with Michael and Ben of Animal Spirits.

White Coat Investor Conference

Ryan Bowers talks about the benefits of investing in a private REIT rather than being a landlord.

White Coat Investor FB Live

Ryan Bowers and Joe Ollis talk with Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor about The Peak Housing REIT.

QCast Presented by Rotella RIA

CIO Joe Ollis discusses Single-Family Rentals as the newest investment alternative.

Digital Marketing Insights for Real Estate Syndicators

CIO Joe Ollis discuss the REIT Process with Dr. Adam Gower

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