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Hypothetical Returns for $100k Investment in The Peak Housing REIT

Current REIT Share Price $13.82

Today, the SFR market has matured into a legitimate asset class because of predictable cash flows, stable returns, and solid rent growth. These characteristics attract a wide range of investors and lenders, and SFRs have quickly become a desirable addition to a well-rounded investment portfolio.

To value the portfolio, the PEAK REIT utilizes third-party cap-rate and gross yield data from Green Street Advisors for each asset type and market. This valuation methodology is widely used across the industry. As PEAK Housing REIT does not intend to sell individual homes but rather sell portfolios to bigger and larger REIT brethren, the best approach to value our portfolio is to use the methodology the buyers are already using.


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Dividends are shielded by depreciation, resulting in a nearly tax-free cash flow stream from the REIT’s.


The REIT helps temper overall investment portfolio volatility because of its low correlation to stocks and bonds.


We invest in markets that are economically stable. We like growing populations, well balanced industry mixes and plentiful workforce jobs.

For more information on investing with Peak, schedule a call with investor relations