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Equity commitments are called just prior to closing on a construction loan. A member of the Peak team will correspond with you on that date based on the projects you have invested in.

We target to have all tax forms in investors’ hands by the middle of March.

Peak Construction Group (PCG) will build the homes. We have a cost-plus arrangement with PCG. To account for unforeseen expenses or higher material costs, we factored in a contingency above the foreseen development costs.

On average, we project a two-year hold to build and stabilize any developed projects. However, market conditions and potential unforeseen circumstances may require holding and leasing the asset for a period over the estimated average.

The main factors in deciding if an asset will be sold to a third party are the market price and maximized returns for LP investors. Peak would obtain two broker opinions of value to ensure that investors are getting the best possible return.

The Peak Group will continue to manage the asset, maintain occupancy, and distribute any cash flow after paying for operations and debt.

As with all development deals, delays in building, delays with the city inspections, challenges and uncertainties with sub-contractors, cost overruns with subs and material, more extended period to lease-up, unforeseen changes in the banking environment when and if we convert the construction loan to a permanent loan (should that be needed), the market climate is unattractive making it challenging to sell at a price at or above our underwriting.

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