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An UPREIT Structure vs. Traditional REIT Investing | The Peak Group

At The Peak Group, we know a radical commitment to transparency is crucial when working with something as high stakes—and as valuable—as residential real estate. We also know that many of the investors we serve are relying on returns from the Peak Housing REIT as part of their long-term financial freedom. This makes understanding exactly how an UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) structure benefits you as a property owner is a crucial component of successful investing. However, to do this correctly requires an understanding of the differences between an UPREIT structure and traditional REIT investing.
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Did You Inherit Property? Turn to UPREIT Investing | The Peak Group

If you’ve found yourself with a portfolio of properties following the passing of a loved one, we’d first like to offer our condolences for your loss. No doubt, the process of moving through the probate system and settling the estate has been a trying time—even if your loved one had a will and personal representative already lined up to manage the process. If your benefactor left no will at all and you’ve found yourself on the other side of those challenges, you may still be feeling like you haven’t had a chance to breathe between all the legalese.
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