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How REIT Investing Can Help Leave the Right Legacy | The Peak Group

After all we’ve weathered as a nation as a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing recession; you’ve likely been breathing a sigh of relief as you continue to see consistent returns from your portfolio of residential rental properties. Indeed, rental homes (both single and multi-family units) have borne the storm far better than commercial assets. However, did you ever stop to consider that when you decide to parse your portfolio out as an inheritance to your beneficiaries—such as your favorite charity—that they may struggle to access the wealth of the empire you’ve developed over time?
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Estate Planning Strategies for Property Investors | The Peak Group

As an investor, you probably had multiple reasons for developing a portfolio that relied on property as your vehicle for long-term wealth. The numerous benefits of owning real estate have also contributed to the savings you’ve built for a successful retirement. However, there is one drawback of a wealth-by-property approach to investing: the management. This becomes especially apparent if you’ve been researching available estate planning strategies as a real estate investor.
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