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Ways to Defer Capital Gains Tax: REIT Investing | The Peak Group

The Trump administration’s tax overhaul (effective in tax year 2018) made some serious tweaks to the system when it comes to what you can expect from capital gains taxation as a residential real estate investor. While it introduced some new ways to defer capital gains tax that may have some long-haul, real estate investors excited, if you’re concerned about the portfolio of properties you have now—and their current gains—you should be considering the advantages of REIT investing.
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REIT Investing in DFW to Defer Capital Gains Tax | The Peak Group

If you have a considerably-sized portfolio in DFW that you’ve been enjoying under the care of property management for some time, you’re already aware of the benefits of passive real estate investing in our area. Even in the wake of COVID-19, our real estate market in DFW is about to resume with strong summer sales following relaxed restrictions on home showings. Even when real estate experts were concerned that COVID-19 might cause a residential real estate collapse, the Dallas and Fort Worth markets were considered some of the least vulnerable across the entirety of the nation.
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