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To Defer Capital Gains Tax on a DFW Rental Property, Use an UPREIT | The Peak Group

As an investor with multiple properties in your portfolio, you should always be aware of solutions for how to defer capital gains tax on a DFW rental property that you own. If you’re researching solutions for how to approach this issue, you have likely reached a point in your portfolio where you’re ready to offload your properties. At the same time, with increasing market volatility concerning commercial real estate, you’re also probably relieved that your wealth rests on residential real estate holdings! Still, the pandemic has certainly hit solo investors and landlords hard on rent-collection day: only 85% of renters were
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To Defer Capital Gains Tax, Work With a DFW UPREIT | The Peak Group

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing in the world is certain but death and taxes.” However, things have evolved in the real estate market quite a bit since Franklin’s day. If you want to defer the capital gains tax on your investment portfolio—but you no longer want to manage the burden of operating it—you need a DFW UPREIT. As a savvy investor, you’re already well aware of how the capital gains tax can take up to 30% of your profits when factoring in both federal and state taxes. Thankfully, President Eisenhower gave investors some wiggle room in this department as early as the
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