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Private REIT Investing Benefits Estate Planning | The Peak Group

You’ve successfully reached your golden years, and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard to build. The real estate portfolio you’ve amassed is successfully fueling your retirement dreams—not without effort—and your hard work has paid off in stable returns. You made smart investing choices—and you finally get to savor the kind of life you’ve been working the last few decades to achieve. However, what about your children?
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3 Estate Planning Strategies 4 Investors | The Peak Group

Whether you’re an investor with a sizeable portfolio or one you consider modest, you’ve reached a point where you’ve begun to contemplate what to do with the wealth you’ve acquired. To secure your legacy for the next generation—or even for your favorite charity—you need direction for how you’ll protect the work that you’ve done through estate planning strategies.
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