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Top Passive Real Estate Investing Hotspots in Texas | The Peak Group

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we do business. In commercial real estate, it has reshaped offices and led many to question the use of office space. It has also led to the explosive growth of grocery delivery services and shifted primary buying power further away from brick-and-mortar establishments to online merchants. It is even redesigning our school systems. This flood of change has not spared passive real estate investing in the residential sector, either.
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How to Invest in Dallas Real Estate—Passively | The Peak Group

Seasoned investors and beginning investors alike both know that diversity is crucial to a successful and high-yielding portfolio. If you have all your assets held in only one class, you’re subject to the winds of fate whenever they blow through a little too hard. An excellent example of this worth considering from the past few months alone is the struggling airline industry—or the entire stock market in general. Sure, it recovered (or has it?)—but placing your trust solely in intangible or intellectual assets (or incredibly volatile asset classes) ultimately undermines your portfolio’s viability.
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