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Build-for-Rent Communities Boost Our Dividend Yields | The Peak Group

Last week, we touched on the many benefits that new construction has to offer when building better dividend yields for investors who have chosen to... keep reading

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5 Signs of a Bad Market We Avoid for REIT Investing | The Peak Group

Real estate investments come with their fair share of risks; any investor with a self-managed portfolio understands this keenly. However, some real... keep reading

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Top Passive Real Estate Investing Hotspots in Texas | The Peak Group

COVID-19 has completely changed the way we do business. In commercial real estate, it has reshaped offices and led many to question the use of office... keep reading

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How to Invest in Dallas Real Estate—Passively | The Peak Group

Seasoned investors and beginning investors alike both know that diversity is crucial to a successful and high-yielding portfolio. If you have all... keep reading

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Why Residential REIT Investing Is the Smart Choice | The Peak Group

At The Peak Group, we've watched the numbers on real estate over the past few months very closely. We were, of course, observing the market before... keep reading

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