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3 Estate Planning Strategies FOR Investors | The Peak Group

Whether you're an investor with a sizeable portfolio or one you consider modest, you've reached a point where you've begun to contemplate what to do... keep reading

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Private REIT Investing Benefits Estate Planning | The Peak Group

You've successfully reached your golden years, and you're ready to kick back and enjoy everything you've worked so hard to build. The real estate... keep reading

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How REIT Investing Can Help Leave the Right Legacy | The Peak Group

After all we've weathered as a nation as a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing recession; you've likely been breathing a sigh of... keep reading

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Estate Planning Strategies for Property Investors | The Peak Group

As an investor, you probably had multiple reasons for developing a portfolio that relied on property as your vehicle for long-term wealth. The... keep reading

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Estate Planning, UPREITs, and Your Retirement | The Peak Group

Any successful investment property portfolio owner is keenly aware of the market their ventures exist in. Now—more than ever— you may be... keep reading

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