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When You Can't Build It Yourself, Choose REIT Investing | The Peak Group

We've been discussing build-for-rent communities in quite some depth over the last few weeks. This is—in no small part—because build-for-rent as a... keep reading

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Build-for-Rent Communities Boost Our Dividend Yields | The Peak Group

Last week, we touched on the many benefits that new construction has to offer when building better dividend yields for investors who have chosen to... keep reading

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Why Is Build-for-Rent the Ideal for REIT Investing? | The Peak Group

While understanding the history of build-for-rent communities helps investors seeking superior returns gain a greater appreciation for this approach... keep reading

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What Is the Build-for-Rent Approach to REIT Investing? | The Peak Group

At The Peak Group, wholesale acquisitions of future rental properties and cash infusions aren't the only way we acquire high-performing investments... keep reading

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