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5 Signs of a Bad Market We Avoid for REIT Investing | The Peak Group

Real estate investments come with their fair share of risks; any investor with a self-managed portfolio understands this keenly. However, some real estate (and rental) markets are more of a drain on your resources and a financial disaster than others. Solo property owners know that research is crucial to pinpointing the right time to put money into an investment property and into which markets that property may be in.
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Why We Wholesale When Building a Better DFW UPREIT | The Peak Group

Investing in real estate is significantly different from investing in stocks and bonds. Anyone can get started in the stock market with just a few dollars to invest: look at the success and popularity of investing apps like Acorns and Robinhood! Real estate markets, by comparison, have an extreme learning curve and a high cost of failure represented by the upfront costs of a mortgage. For those who are just getting started in real estate investing, inadequate knowledge and experience can lead to costly mistakes. 
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