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Why Is Build-for-Rent the Ideal for REIT Investing? | The Peak Group

While understanding the history of build-for-rent communities helps investors seeking superior returns gain a greater appreciation for this approach to adding properties to the Peak Housing REIT, it doesn’t entirely explain the reasons why this method is ideal for REIT investing. Today, we plan to clear up the mystery surrounding the benefits that build-for-rent holds in store for our investors.
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When You Can’t Build It Yourself, Choose REIT Investing | The Peak Group

We’ve been discussing build-for-rent communities in quite some depth over the last few weeks. This is—in no small part—because build-for-rent as a value-add strategy has been integral to our success here at the Peak Housing REIT. There are a few key reasons why we choose to cover the material we do: It’s useful information for investors to have who are currently trapped by a burdensome portfolio Understanding how REIT investing can help would-be investors leverage new construction is important We try to help both seasoned and novice investors find a more profitable way to do less work.
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