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The UPREIT Structure: What Is It? How Does It Work? | The Peak Group

If you’re an investor who’s done any research into an “UPREIT,” on the surface, it may seem like a cumbersome idea. The reality is that this real estate investment tool could be essential to the future viability of your assets! If you’ve even started toying with the idea of investing through an UPREIT structure, then you probably have some very real pain points that have been leeching your resolve when it comes to your real estate portfolio. For each investor, the day-to-day struggles of self-management can be different—however, at The Peak Group, we consider them problems worth solving.
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What Is an UPREIT? How Does It Benefit Investors? | The Peak Group

While buying, selling, and managing real estate can be extremely rewarding, there are quite a few details to consider when organizing and optimizing your assets. Namely, one should consider the boost to your portfolio that comes from investing with a group—rather than managing your holdings alone. There are various tools available to real estate collectives that can be utilized by professional investors to insulate their portfolios and protect investment gains that cannot be accessed on the individual scale.
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Investors: Use an UPREIT to Defer Taxes on Real Estate | The Peak Group

The taxes on the sale of your assets can be enough to make an investor second guess making the sale altogether—even if you need to liquidate to pursue other investments or escape from under the weight of an overwhelming portfolio. Thankfully, the U.S. government and the IRS understand this and have thrown investors a bone. President Eisenhower first introduced the concept of a Real Estate Investment Trust or “REIT” as an alternative to traditional mutual funds. From there, the Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust or “UPREIT” was born.
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