Acquiring Single Family Rental Homes and Builder Lots Across the Southeastern United States

Ready to sell your rental homes? Explore our offerings below to find one that’s right for you!

Package to REIT

Own multiple single-family rental properties? Sell or UPREIT your entire* portfolio with us.

*purchases based on condition and age of home

Single Sale to REIT

Seller receives market value for their single-family home with closing in as few as 15 days

Freedom Lease

Stuck between paying the bills and fees on your home and being forced to leave because of the costs? Our unique Freedom Lease can help you stay in your home while eliminating those large costs in as little as two weeks.

Freedom Bridge

Give yourself up to six months to find a home after selling yours with Freedom Bridge.

Builder Lots

Developed lots ready to sell

Residential zoning must be in place

Undeveloped land 5+ acres

Utility taps near land

Meet the Team


Ryan Bowers

President & CEO

Spencer Bowers

Acquisitions Agent

Justice Bowers

Acquisitions Agent

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