Building wealth through real estate investment

Market Stability

DFW is growing at a rate of one new resident every 6 minutes. People are moving here because of the strength and diversity of our economy. Manufacturing, transportation, energy, finance…the sector-pieces in our economic pie are well-balanced.


We buy properties in appreciating areas because we want appreciation on our side! As properties appreciate year-over-year, the result is a compounding effect.

Cash Flow

The properties we sell provide cash flow after your expenses so you’re making money right away.


The Peak Process

Our process. Your profit.

Investors often think they can build wealth by just flipping properties. Without being a full-time investor, it is hard to execute the rehab process without running into trouble on one or more aspects of a deal. For our investors, The Peak Group removes what is difficult about real estate investing and carefully protects income potential backed by physical assets with genuine value. Our thorough process, experience, and knowledge safeguards our investors. If our investors do not succeed, we do not succeed!


What people are saying

What I was most impressed by was how quickly The Peak Group handled everything. From the first time we spoke on the phone to the financing and renovations to finding a tenant — it all happened in a few short months. Before I knew it, my investment was paying off in rental checks, all managed through their turnkey system!

I looked at 3 turnkey providers in the DFW area. I chose The Peak Group because they run all parts of the turnkey operation. They don't outsource maintenance or property management.

Having the acquisition, the rehab, the tenant selection and the maintenance all done by the same group is important to me as an investor because I feel there is ownership in the work being done. They also consider the investor's numbers.

We love working with The Peak Group because we have similar goals and are building mutually beneficial relationships.

The Peak Group prices homes in a way that still leaves room for appreciation and their rent projections are conservative. Maintenance hourly wage is reasonable. The team knows the area and knows what they're doing quite well. It's good to have all parts of the turnkey under the same company.

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